Advanced Hybrid Particle-Grid Method with Sub-Grid Particle Correction

Kiwon Um

Korea University

Seungho Baek

Korea University

JungHyun Han

Korea University

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Computer Graphics Forum (PG2014)


This paper proposes a novel hybrid particle-grid approach to liquid simulation, which uses the fluid-implicit- particle (FLIP) method to resolve the liquid motion and a grid-based particle correction method to complement FLIP. The correction process addresses the high-frequency errors in FLIP ensuring that the particles are properly distributed. The proposed approach enables the corrective procedure to avoid directly processing the particle relationships and supports flexible corrective forces. The proposed technique effectively and efficiently improves the distribution of the particles and therefore enhances the overall simulation quality. The experimental results confirm that the technique is able to conserve the liquid volume and to produce dynamic surface motions, thin liquid sheets, and smooth surfaces without disturbing artifacts such as bumpy noise.