Our research interests lie in the following areas:

  • VR/AR and 3D Reconstruction
  • Physics-based Simulation for Computer Graphics

We are looking for undergraduate interns, graduate students, full-time interns/researchers and postdocs. If you’re interested, send email to jhan@korea.ac.kr.



  • Jongmin Lee and JunYeup Cho (both with M.S.) start their careers at Nexon and Krafton respectively.


  • A paper is conditionally accepted for SIGGRAPH 2021.


  • We are awarded a 4-year grant from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. The project title is “Digital Twin + AR Visualization.”


  • Dr. SungIk Cho starts his career at NCSOFT’s Motion AI Team.


  • Dr. Sang-bin Kim starts his career at LINE’s AI Team.


  • A paper is conditionally accepted for Pacific Graphics 2020.
  • A paper accepted for publication in IEEE TVCG is invited for presentation at ISMAR 2020.


  • Kihyun Yu (with M.S.) starts his career at NAVER LABS AR Team.
  • We are awarded a 10-year grant (of annual budget $3M) from the Ministry of Science and ICT. The project title is “Medical Superintelligence based on Digital Twins.”


  • We are selected as a SW Star Lab and awarded an 8-year grant from the Ministry of Science and ICT. The project title is “Two-way Interaction between Real and Virtual Objects in Mixed Reality Environment.”


  • Dr. HyeongYeop Kang is appointed as an assistant professor at Software Convergence Department of Kyung Hee University.


  • A paper is conditionally accepted for EuroGraphics 2020.
  • Two papers are conditionally accepted for IEEE VR 2020.


  • We are awarded a big grant from Samsung Research Funding and Incubation Center for Future Technology. The project title is “Next-generation Physics Simulation = Particle-based Unified Simulation + Deep Learning.”


  • Dr. Kiwon Um is appointed as an associate professor at Image, Data, Signal Department of Telecom Paris, which is one of the grandes écoles of France.