2018 Korean Software Congress (2018.12.19)

  • Seongsu Kwon
    • Best paper award

  • Seung-wook Kim
    • Computer science part

2018 Korean Computer Graphics Society (2018.07.12)

  • Seung-wook Kim
    • Best paper award for a master degree student

Virtual reality for training, education, and experience contents idea competition hosted by Ministry of trade, industry and energy (2016.12.14)

  • HyeongYeop Kang
    • Space training using a micro-gravity framework

The 10th Open Source Software World Challenge 2016 funded by Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (2016.12.02)

  • Jinwoo Choi
    • Gold prize winner of Samsung Tizen part

Qualcomm Innovation Award (2016.09.06)

  • Sang-bin Kim
    • Optimizing Character Controller with neurological-Based Network using Reinforcement Learning
  • SungIk Cho
    • 2D image / 3D model data integrated authoring system
  • HyeongYeop Kang
    • Similar terrain detection algorithm using fully convolutional neural network